Redefining Browsing

DIVER Browser (tentative) User-First Distributed WEB3 Browser that Restores True Freedom and Privacy


We do not collect your data. There are no unsolicited advertisements. We respect your privacy.

Ads and Pop-up Blocker

Powerful ad and pop-up blocker. Stress-free and comfortable browsing to your heart's content.

Seamless dApps integration

DIVER Browser is designed to seamlessly interact with Web3 DApps and multiple wallets. It provides a stable, borderless browsing experience with excellent security and an intuitive user experience.

Unmatched speed

We aim to solve your everyday frustration with slow speeds in your daily browsing!

Next generation search engine

It has a proprietary algorithmic search engine optimized for Web3 exploration and does not bias or censor search results. It also does not track any search history.

Can be synchronized across all devices

Works seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices, synchronizing browsing history, passwords, bookmarks, tabs, etc.

Fast,Safe and Secure Browsing Experience

Take back your privacy now!

coming soon

Ad Blocker
Powerful ad blocker blocks invasive ads.
Cookie Blocker
Block cookie dialogs and banners to disable tracking
Encrypted anonymous browsing
Comfortable browsing through anonymous networks with
enhanced privacy and security.
Wallet Linkage
Wallet functionality (DIVER Wallet) is implemented as standard. Play, collect, trade, and view all your favorite decentralized applications in one place without installing extensions.
Browsing pages can be comfortably translated into more than 100 languages.
DIVER Search Engine (tentative)
Equipped with a proprietary algorithm search engine optimized for Web3 search.
Search by tab
Tab function to organize and manage multiple pages and support multitasking
Advanced Customization
Highly detailed and flexible customization functions support work efficiency improvement.
Synchronization between devices
Compatible with all devices. Seamless access to tabs, history, and bookmarks.
All you need is a Wallet account.

Fast,Safe and Secure Browsing Experience

Take back your privacy now!

coming soon